Sunday, June 14, 2009


This project has been a good review to me for the exam. There were questions that I didn't really understood how to solve, but with the help of my group mates, I successfully had the confidence to solve a confusing problem. I proved that knowing other people's views on how to solve a problem is a lot of help.

The formulation of problems have been an interesting activity for me. I had a lot of random ideas but then I, myself, couldn't express what questions to ask. I had to consider the things that I know so that it wouldn't be hard for me to answer my questions, but still I also wanted to challenge myself. That gave me a hard time. Anyway, getting an answer made me really satisfied. :)

Monday, June 8, 2009


What did you learn in making such as mathematical questions and answers?

First of all I learn how mathematicians do. I also think that the roles of the teachers are pretty hard. Making that kinds of questions is really challenging. I have a little refreshments in the whole topic that we discuss in the school. I remember some past lessons and it serves as a review for future exams. Making fun of things around you by putting it into mathematical questions and prove it is really enjoying. I have a great time and learn some little tips in arranging things in order.

What are the things that appears in your mind while doing the mathematical problems?

Well I always think that I can't make it even I didn't try. Doing some challenging task is really fun. I also think that it may improve myself even I'm so lazy to do it but I tried it. I know that if i do it I can review the topics that we discuss.

What wonderful things happened during the creation of you project?

Wonderful things happen to me while doing some problems are improve my socializing to the people I barely know. I didn't expect that I will learn so much about math. Math is not only solving problems/questions but making it is real math. I felt that I belong to the groups of mathematician even I'm not that really good. When i found out the answers I've looking for I really enjoy it. I learn so many things and refresh my memories a little bit.


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Elliptical Orbit



Moon Phase


Trigonometric Modeling And Transformation

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Sunday, June 7, 2009




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Ppeople of Jamaica


Population Growth



Combinatorics and Probabilities

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